A Rattlesnake’s Story

A young rattlesnake loses his brothers, sisters, and mom when hunters capture them for a rattlesnake roundup. After he finds out his mom escaped from the hunters, the young snake sets out to find her, getting help along the way from an old wise tortoise.

A Rattlesnake’s Story: the story of a young snake who discovers the sad truth about Rattlesnake Roundups was written by Grace Taracka and illustrated by Hannah Germeau; high school students wanting to raise awareness about rattlesnake roundups.

Through the eyes of a rattlesnake, we see the impact of roundups on native wildlife and local ecosystems. Change starts with kids, so getting this book into the hands of children in roundup country could make a positive impact for snakes.

Let’s get this book into schools and libraries where roundups are held (Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas). If you live in roundup country, buy this book and donate it to your local library or school.

The author, Grace Taracka, is currently planning a trip to Texas to teach kids in roundup country about rattlesnakes and the impact roundups have on them. If you have a connection to a Texas school, use this form to get in touch with Grace.